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Am I torturing my Marimo?

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Hello all, I recently saw a little clear plastic cup with marimo balls on sale (2 balls each about 1cm diameter), and having recently read about these cool little guys, I bought them. The cup I bought them in is sealed with a lid that can be removed. Now, according to the instructions I received with the marimo, it says I can just leave the balls as-is in the cup and change the water once every couple of weeks, and the marimo will grow (being low-light, they don't need more than indirect light). Having kept fish for a number of years, but being a newbie to plants, I'm a bit worried about leaving the marimo in a sealed container with no air exchange and limited water quantity. Should I move the marimo to a "real" tank, or will they do fine in a sealed plastic cup? For now I'm not putting them in with my goldfish or my medaka because I heard the fish will eat the marimo. Opinions? I'm pretty sure goldfish would devour the balls, but how about medaka?
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Keep in mind that marimo balls are not really an aquatic plant, but rather a special form of cladophora algae that we, in this hobby, try so hard to destroy. I am not sure if it will eat your marimo, but your marimo is probably safe in that cup.
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