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Am I fully stocked? 20L

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Hey guys,

I am wondering if my tank is fully stocked or if I could add some more fish. I currently have 16 fish.

-2 German blue ram(pair)
-11 Neon Tetras
-1 cardinal tetra(I originally had all cardinals but they died :( )
-2 otos (they are very playful and happy.)

I have a Fluval 206 canister filter.

I am thinking maybe 5-7 rummy nose tetras would be a nice addition. Also let me know any fish you think would go well with my setup. Please let me know what you guys think and If my tanks already full stocked. I Just don't want to have too many fish and have things spiral out of control.
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That is such a small tank that I would not add another species of fish. More Neons or Otos could work. Or a single top of the tank fish like a Honey Gourami.

But a 20 long just does not have the different zones that would allow another school of fish to look good. Nowhere for them to be that is not already inhabited by Neons.

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I completely disagree with any gourami being added here.

more oto's would not be a terrible idea, but I think you are near your limit on fish.
Especially as the GBR become active breeders.... things will get a bit tense in the tank
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