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Am I dosing properly?....should i add k2so4 to my regime?

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hi new to keeping plants in an aquarium. I'm doing quite well plants are thriving and look great.( i see a lot of oxygen bubbles coming from the plants when lights are on, attached picture taken a week ago - since then the bacopa has nearly reached the top of the water and other plants look slightly better than they are in the pic)

At the moment im dosing

3.72ppm potassium nitrate (KNO3)
trace elements 3 times a week. (4 teaspoons with 2 litres) and dose 60ml per week from that solution.
and 2.52ppm magnesium sulphate.

My regime is (monday - 1.86ppm kno3, tuesday - 20ml Trace, wednesday 1.86 - kno3, thursday 20ml trace, friday - rest, saturday - 2.52ppm mgso4, sunday - 20ml trace.

I do water changes on friday once ever 2 weeks.

I have a high tech co2 injection system which turns on 1 hour before lights on and turns off 1 hour before lights off. Photo period is 9 hours daily.

Is this enough dosing or should I be dosing more? I am seeing positive results but Im thinking maybe i can do it better :)

I had also bought potassium sulphate which I am currently not using. Should i work it in somewhere in my regime?

thanks everyone


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