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Am I Crazy?

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I currently have a 20 Gallon High tank with 65 watts over it (CF). What if I was to get a second bulb and run it for a 4 hour burst mid day??

I am of course running pressurized CO2 and dosing via the EI method...

Thoughts on this??
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What would your goal be, that running the second light would help you achieve? Without knowing that I can't diagnose your mental state:biggrin:
I think you should replace all those CFs with 2x75W mH and really start cooking! :hihi:

Am I crazier?
nothing wrong with a noon burst.start with an hr and work your way up
Hoppy - I currently have Rotala Macrandra Green and Rotalla sp. green narrow leaf and I want to have very lush bushes. I am also adding ET to the tank as my foreground and im thinking the 65 watts won't cut it...

Leaf - If I only had the $ for mH lamps... muahahahaha
This calls for "standard answer #42"::hihi: You can probably get more effect, cheaper, with far less algae problems, by working to improve the CO2 concentration in the water. Good CO2 means enough so the plants pearl a couple of hours max after the lights come on, and the fish aren't having problems with it. You may need better water circulation in the tank, to distribute CO2 rich water better, or just a higher bubble rate. If you use a drop checker you should be able to get the bubble rate up near where it needs to be, then make small increases, once per day, while carefully observing the fish for distress. And, if you make sure you have some surface rippling of the water, that will improve the oxygen absorbing of the water, allowing the fish to tolerate the CO2 better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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