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I've been entertaining the idea of breeding Indian Whisker shrimp, Amano shrimp and Nerite snails. These all have larval stages in common. I was wondering about keeping a brackish and freshwater quarantine tank always on each about 3 gallons so they are conditioned and covered in algae/diatoms as needed. I've read a couple of posts for breeding amanos and nerites. It seems the brackish specific gravity of amano and nerites are close - maybe keep some breeder nerites in the brackish all the time and move the berried shrimps to the freshwater when they are close to hatching clutches.

There's hardly any info on breeding on any of these but here are some links:

Other posts here: Nerite snail


salinity and gravity: Salinity and specific gravity guidelines for the saltwater and reef keeper - Algone

The quandry comes from trying to catch the larvae from the shrimp when they hatch. I have 10" cylinder aquariums and am looking for something like a round breeder 'box' where the females can be kept 'kinda' separated just to make the larvae capture easy. And then all the rest dealing with getting them to morph from larvae to adult forms.

An amano hatched some larvae and they were photostatic but the larvae were so small they drifted right through the fish net when trying to capture them... total loss...

Any ideas will be of great interest!

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