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Altum Angels

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Well last week a friend of mine and i went to dallas to go to the fish gallery to get some plants. Well on the way there we were talking about his 55 that he had and what he could possibly do with it. I have been really into learning about the amazon river lately and the topic of maybe an amazon biotope came up. So we settled on an Angel fish tank. Well i have never really liked angels but i started researching them and i have always liked the look of altums.
So i decided i wanted a pair of altums to put in with my betta macrostomas. I never thought i would find any anywhere around me but last night i went to this really janky fish store that i go to from time to time and they know who i am. Well they always have A TON of angels. I went and looked in this one tank and i looked at the label and it said Wild caught Altum angel. my heart about dropped. He is about the size of my hand looks fat and healthy besides the fact that the other fish in the tank with him have eaten all of his fins off. He was priced at $30 for him but they said they would let me take him for $19. I didnt take him because he was SO big. I am kinda afraid to start with an angel that big. So i bought 3 baby scalare and im kinda rethinking it. Should i have bought the altum? They said he had been there a month and a half.
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If your planning on keeping the king of the Amazon you will need a tank of minimum depth of 24". This is a rather large fish and needs some fin room and also prefers to be in larger groups. For your 55 stick with the Scalara.
oh he wouldnt be goin in the 55. I have the macs in a 40 gallon bowfront so its wide and tall.
You definitely wouldn't have room in a 40gal tank for a school of altums.

And I would not buy an altum that was that beat up. His chances for survival are not good, I'm afraid.
well i guess that settles that. I feel bad for him because he is alone and his mate died. He seems healthy besides the fins.
There is no way that he is wild caught and going for $30. Wild angels have an extremely high death rate. Any stress on them will likely results in death, which means that possibly he will be dead before you get home.
No way for that matter is it an altum at all. Not with a 30.00 price tag, a large altum would be close to 75 or more. My guess it is what they call a Peruvian altum which is apparently a scalare variant, although it may be an undescribed species.
he doesnt have the silver and black like scalares have. he has the darker tones and dark lines like an altum.
no lol those look like my scalares
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