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Unfortunately New Zealand dose not have metricide 14, the closest alternative i could find was Adial Plus.

in the safety data sheet it shows:
Ingredient CAS No Proportion

--Ingredients deemed not to be hazardous Not applicable To 100%

--Glutaraldehyde --111-30-8 --2.1%

it is quite similar to Metricide 14 which shows

Component CAS No. Amount
Water and non-hazardous ingredients Mixture 97.4%
Glutaraldehyde --111-30-8 --2.6%

If anyone could help out it would be great.

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Hi killawatt,

Welcome to TPT!

It appears you have a viable alternative to Metricide 14.

Since Seachem Excel is 1.5% glutaraldehyde if you wanted to mix your Adial Plus to the same concentration you would use 3.5 parts Adail Plus to 1.5 parts water which would yield 5.0 parts of 1.5% concentration.

Glad you joined us!
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