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Alternative to Finnex Monster Ray

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Hey guys,

It would appear as tho Finnex Monster Rays are coated with gold, I dont think I have seen a more expensive fixture...

I just want a 12" fixture to put over my ludwdiga red to make their colors pop a bit more.

Anyone know a 12"-24" fixture with lots of red/color enhancing?

Lemme know!
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Finnex planted plus has 7000K and red Led's along with blue that can all run at same time or turn off blues separately.
The best light that I could find for a 12" tank (outside of DIY) was the Finnex Planted+. It's what I ordered to put on my 12" nano tank. I had a heck of a time picking a light for it. Hopefully I like it. I picked it over the Stingray due to having more red LED's. We'll see if it will work once I get my tank started.
LED 24 Plant Pink Freshwater Aquarium Grow Light Beamswork 72x Chip Asian Red

Basically a RGB fixture w/ green turned way down...
24" is probably the smallest size..

Can get a 20" 24/7 tune the color..

any thing smaller may look for a small hort. LEd or Chiros..
Chihiros A-Series Aquatic Aquarium 12-39W 5730 SMD LED Fish Tank Light 20-60cm
5Color ,
dirt cheap............
2 channels 1 w/ white other w RGBDarkBlue.. so more purple..
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If you are just looking for color then maybe one of these even though it's not a fixture:

Aquarium LED Lighting | AquaRay Lighting

If you want a bar they have a ColorPlus light that has red in it:

Aquarium Lights | AquaRay Lighting

With the controller you can show the light how you want it:

Aquarium Controller | Aquaray Lighting

Good luck sir!
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