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I have the Alternanthera Reinikii Variegated and my bottom leaves looked just like that. It's been in my tank for around 4 months now. Now I'm not sure what other plants you have in the tank but this one isn't your speed demon grower. My problem was my fast growing plants were out competing and stealing the nutrients. Mainly potassium and nitrogen. I up'd my dose 5mL per week and added a second bottle of diy co2 until I got the balance just right. No more pinholes and amazing color. This plant IMO requires a really good light source. Once I found my equilibrium within my tank, it is now my most favorite of all my plants.

I would try to experiment with dosing, co2 and lighting until you find it just right. This isn't a hard plant to grow, but rather a demanding plant. It's needs resources to grow more so than say java moss or anubias.

Hope this helps!

Bump: went from this....


Bump: ok, not sure why it posted like this, but the fuller picture is the after and the skimpy the before.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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