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Alternanthera reineckii 'Small'

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I happened to pick up some of this plant a few days ago. The plant is distributed by Aquaflora nurseries in BC. See here for info:

You will note on their website that they have not positively IDed the plant, and they state that it is unlikely to be an Alternathera at all. Nevertheless, I'll give it a try. It's really too early to tell what the submersed growth will look like. Has anyone else bought this plant?
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The plant has done OK thus far... not spectacular, but holding its own. It doesn't look anything like it did out of the package. Anyone care to make an attempt at ID?

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Alternanthera? What? Looks more like a Rotala to me, but it would be nice to see a fertile specimen. Could be R. mexicana.

There is actually a so-called small A. reineckii, but it looks like... A. reineckii.
I agree that it does resemble a rotala sp. This company also sells a few species of Rotala, including ''Nanjenshan'', so I am assuming of course that it's not that plant (it appears somewhat smaller anyway).

Edit: I just saw your comment about mexicana... interesting.
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