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Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' - Tropica 023C

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I just bought some of these from Tropica through a European dealer. They're different than the other plants I've bought (haven't bought many) because they're super small; 1 1/4" tall with itsy bitsy roots.

I have 2" of organic potting soil substrate with a couple of inches of Quartz Sand on top of that in the plant area, although I can cut down on the sand and build up the substrate closer to the surface if necessary

How do I plant these?

And how long before they get 3-4"?

Thank you
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You plant them just like any other stem plant, and propagate the same way. They'll grow roots even if you just cut the tops off and plant them. If they are super short, just get enough in the substrate to hold them.

Growth rate is heavily dependent on light, CO2, and ferts. It's not a super fast grower though. One nice thing is that if you cut the tops off, I think they don't look funny/ugly like a lot of stem plants do.
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