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Hi Friends!

I'm new to the forum but I've had an aquarium for about six years now. Two years ago, I upgraded to a 120 gallon tank from a 30 gallon and decided to also get into planted tanks. Since then I've had little luck getting good growth from my plants. The don't outright die, but the certainly aren't thriving. Currently the tank has a few jungle val (Vallisneria Americana), two Dwarf Lily (Nymphaea Rubra), and a few sickly Ludwigia Repens. Last year I upgraded my lighting to a 48" Aquatic Life LED and it seemed to help for a few months but not as much as I was hoping. I also started to use Excel since I though lack of CO2 might be the cause. Although they both helped some the plants still show only small bit of new growth and they become covered in a type of algae that needs to be rubbed or scrapped off the leaves. Also the bottom half of the Ludwigia seems to lose leaves and appear to rot no matter how many times I get new plants or propagate the old ones. I'm hoping that with photos you might be able to provide me with some additional ideas I maybe haven't tried or though of from just google searching for answers.Thanks in advance!

Here's some additional information about my setup.

  • Tank: 120 gallons (water change about once a month)
  • Fish: Three fancy goldfish, two eclipse catfish
  • Substrate: Black gravel (just some generic stuff I picked up from the local pet store, finer grain size than what I'm use to for gravel but not as fine as sand.
  • Lighting:Aquatic Life LED (Full lighting from 7am to 5pm) (5pm to 11pm moon light)
  • Filters: Two EHEIM Classic 2215371 canister filters
  • Fertilizer/Additives:
  • Seachem Flourish once a week at recommended dose.
  • Seachem Flourish Excel (carbon supplement). I try to remember this daily but it's closer to every other day. One large addition after water changes per bottle instructions.
  • Seachem Flourish Tabs- Replaced once every 3-4 months

Here's a link to to a google album with photos of my tank and plants. You'll need to add the https:// to the front since this is my first post I can't actually add the link. Without the pictures though I figured it might be difficult to see what's going on.
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