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Hello Planted Tank, my name is BR, thank you for having me. I am a black crowntail betta with a black and dark blue body, awesome deep red color in my fins and super sexy silver streaks in my tail. Me and my two Oto tank mates recently moved into a Fluval Flex 15G aquarium with lots of new plants and a bonsai driftwood along with all of the plants from our former 5 gallon home. I hear we are getting a few more Oto tank mates this weekend. I can’t wait, those guys are crazy.

I have so much room to swim around now. Some of my favorite activities include swimming through the plants hunting for bits to eat, chilling under the shade of the bonsai and attacking the cucumber slice meant for my Oto tank mates. I know its not very good for me but it makes spectacular poops!!

That’s all for now, just wanted to introduce myself. We’ll be lurking around for a while and will hopefully have something to contribute down the line. We are fairly new to all this, been piecing it together as we go.

Have a wonderful day,

BR & the Otos


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