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all things fishy

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just wondering if anyone has ever been to all things fisshy and furry in norton. i'm gonna be in the area and was wondering if it was worth stopping by
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Wait! What? That's where they moved? I passed by a sign in Marlboro it said all thinsg fishy,but a bank was there, so I called the number. I asked the dud who picked up(just said hello), said that all things fishy isn't in marlboro and and hung up on me. I just thought they folded. Didn't know they relocated. Do you have the adress? And by the way "Timdawg" was a rapper who made his name trying to diss NWA. Just thought I'd give u that info if you didn't know. It was hillarious.
yeah i tried going to their marlboro store once too. i called the phone number and they said the same thing to me. didnt sound like a happy person.

352 Old Colony Rd
Norton, MA 02766

lol. yeah i remember timdawg. my older brother used to call me that all of the time
Thanks for the info.
Oops sorry man I read your name too quick and thought it was Timdawg. :eek5:
Little Late, but I always liked All Things Fishy back when they were in Marlboro. Their fish were pricy but interesting. They also kept a big stock of used equipment which was nice.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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