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Everything must go!
Finally landed a job, hurray! But the intern housing doesn't allow tanks.. so I gotta get rid of everything. :icon_frow

Tank contains:

4x8 inch dense Hydrocotyle Japan Carpet
9 stems Rotala Rotundifolia ( all 5+ inches )
2 stems Alternanthera reineckii ( all 5+ inches )
6 stems Bacopa Monnieri ( all 5+ inches )
1 LARGE bush of Philippine Java Fern
1 bush of Windelov Java Fern
1 BASEBALL portion of Subwassertang
1 Amazon Sword
2 Crypts
Handful of Frogbit
Other miscellaneous stem plants

I really took care of this tank, so there is minimal Algae, high tech CO2 + fertilized, some snails

Unfortunately can't fit all these plants in a 6$ USPS small priority box

Next option is a $12 medium box.

If you can figure out any cheaper shipping alternatives, I'd be happy to lower the price.

Total Price: $35, which includes shipping costs

Thanks for looking!
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