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All of a sudden...white algae?

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This practically appears overnight! Every time I clean it out, it comes back. I've done research but I've come up with nothing on what it could be, or how to treat it.

Water Plant Vegetation Terrestrial plant Underwater

Water Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Underwater

Water Plant Vegetation Terrestrial plant Grass

Tank Specifications:
-Size: 10 gallon
-Lighting: LED, 10 hours usually
-Substrate: Sand, with a few root tabs
-Co2/Ferts: Excel and liquid ferts occasionally
-Plant: Dwarf Hairgrass (E. Acicularis)
-Filtration: Whisper 10x (also tried 20x)
-Animals: 1 Gold Tetra, 1 Ghost Catfish, 1 Amano Shrimp

Thank you!
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I've had similar problems in the past when I first started but mine was being caused by the over feeding that I was doing... it looks similar but yours looks more aggressive. mine was just around the tank and in some dw that I had in there.

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It's worse today, but good news...
Water Plant Grass Terrestrial plant Twig

...I think I know what this is- it's the dead form of brown algae.

"Minimizing their growth can be accomplished by turning the lights off during cycling.
These are photosynthetic creatures and will not do well in subdued lighting"
according to .

Not only did I switch filters for a while, but I unintentionally left the lights off several days this week (finals coming, little sleep!).
I read somewhere that an abundance of nutrients can also cause this. I was dosing extra excel because I thought it was BBA.
Today I even noticed some live portions in a corner, thus confirming my suspicions of brown algae.

They say to get rid of it, I should add more plants to outcompete the algae, do extra water changes, or add sae's/ottos.
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