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All My Tank Updates - 5gal, new 15gal, WK's, Crab+diy stands!

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Hey guys heres an update for all of my aqquatic projects :)
hope you enjoy, questions an comments please :D

ok to start off this is my 5gal

some macros!

WK i made: with ferns

my new 15gal seperate post soon:

Making two new stands! Me and my dad went to his factory to do theese:

He printed them out on a cnc machine from a design we did on the computer
(thats the cnc in the background)


to keep the tanks level

hanging the doors

My Red claw thai crab!

its tank ?gals with my old WK in

And this is what my brother hand to say when i showed him all this:

hope you enjoyed all that, the instructions for making the stands are as follows:
goto your fathers factory
route the mdf on his cnc machine
assemble the cabinets
sand them down in his sanding booth
paint them in his spray booths
read howto make unhelpfull instructions for dummies

any questions or feedback?
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Looks Good! What kind of co2 ....regulator is that? I dont see any gauges, is that a fixed pressure output?
Love your tanks Felix!! I hope to do one just like this one soon. My Dad use to make shaker tables similar to the one in this post. I'm going to refinish the one I have and buy the 30C cube. Thanks for the inspiration:icon_smil

Marsha from Michigan
great job! Can your dad adopt me? LOL
Wow Felix. The 5gal has progressed so much since I last saw it. Worth the effort taken to obtain the rocks. Fantastic macros too. Keep it up.
cool, that red claw crab won't stay in there for long without a cover, they are awesome at escaping, shimmy up corners, cords, etc.
thanks for the comments guys

the co2 is an aquilli £60 job that has no fine control so im gonna get a speed controller

the redcalw crab seems happy to just sit on the island and in the water, but the top of the galss is a agood 9 inches from the water surface so they should be ok

thatnks for the comments on the 5gal i love it, keep in mind i havent had a light for it since two days ago! or co2
my red claws crawled out of a well sealed 10g terr. they get bored and explore.
Aww these are great pictures! Love the crab, he looks grumpy.

Is that black box on the floor next to your tank stand the C02 system? (newbie here)
hey felix, what are the dimensions of that 15gall cube? i cant wait to see waht you do with it keep us updated
Why does this tank have 2 stars? It should have 5
Very nice tank so far. I like the view form of the tank from the side better than the front. How many Amano shrimp do you have, do they do a good job on keeping algae under control? IMO smaller species of tetra will make this tank look awesome. :)
Liking the new WK! I hope to do one this week while I'm home...

Just got braces today though, so who knows...

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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