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All in one Filter?

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I'm feeling a very strong pull of MTS and I'm thinking of building a custom tank to go into a pass-through window between my kitchen and sunroom/family room. I'd really like to only have some of those cool diy-lilly pipes going into the tank, so would like to find a canister filter that also has a heater inside of it, and possibly a UV light as well. Has anyone heard of such a thing?

I know pond filters exist that have UV and filtration, but it seems like not long ago I saw one that was more apropriate for aquariums. I just can't remember where or for how much. I figured that if they're doing uv and filtration, some company must be doing all 3, right?

I LOVE diy stuff, but I think the more DIY that I do, the more opportunity there is for it to fail and waste money I don't have. If there's something commercially available that you know of, that would be optimal. If not, I may have to figure out a diy solution when I have more time. (or just keep having fun reading through the wealth of knowledge in the diy section).
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That situation seems like it might be perfect for a pre-drilled tank and a couple of canisters.
I agree with kid creole. Drilling the bottom of the tank would allow you to run your plumbing without seeing it. Also, it may be easier if you just buy a standard canister filter and run an inline UV filter as well as an inline heater. I see lots of people doing this. The inline additions may lower your flow rate, but that could be avoided in this situation by going ahead and getting a canister filter rated for more flow than you actually need. Whether you go with a drilled tank or lilly pipes is of little concern, but I would seriously consider going by way of inline accessories before I spent the big bucks on a canister that comes with that stuff already.

Just my opinion though,

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