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All hail the power of corn!

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Even corn has the ability to bring mortal enemies together. I hope this is easier to see on a computer than on my phone. I had to crank up the contrast to make it more easily seen, but in case you can't see it, there's an MTS opposite the assassin.

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I feel like that MTS is just too small to be as appetizing as the corn :p
And more proof of the power of corn. MTS, assassin and shrimp putting aside their differences and sharing a spot at the dinner table.

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I've never feed my shrimp corn. I think I'll have to try that out to give them a different snack. I usually give them Spinach or Zuchinni.
I've fed corn twice and the amanos hogged it all.
How are you offering the corn? cooked or raw?

We have sweet corn in season now, I guess I could spare a few kernels.
I'm assuming cooked, because raw corn is hard.
The field corn feed to cattle is hard, sweet corn is not.
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