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Myriophyllum matogrossensis 1 bunch 14 X 6" cuttings. ~ GONE
Ludwigia repens stems 10 X 4"-6" cuttings ~ GONE

I will throw in bag of java moss and a few java fern (narrow and broad leaf)pieces with this 1st order - GONE

Shipping will be pirority mail 4.05 (either all together or seprate)

I also have a nice piece of driftwood 5.00 + Shipping (it's about 2lbs, I will use the usps shipping estamator for pirority mail, if shipping is less I will refund the difference, please PM for estamate) GONE

Some pics ( for refference tiles on floor are about 3" square)

this has been in my tank for 1+ years and WILL NOT FLOAT, or trun your water brown.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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