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I have the following items for sale. Local pickup in Bayside.

150W Eheim Ebo-Jager - $15

Light Fixtures
Coralife Freshwater Aqualight 30'' 36W T5NO Double Strip - $35

Double strip fixture has the stock 6700K/colormax bulb combo. Fixture has been tested to work.

Golden Pearls Fry and Coral Fish Food 50-100 micron 2 oz - $3

Barely used.

Gravel / Substrate
40 lb of Caribsea Peace River Aquarium Substrate - $20

Used in my 20g fish tank for a few months.
1mm average small grain size
2mm average large grain size
Suitable for planted tanks

Penn Plax 10 Gallon Tank Divider - $2
Penn Plax 20 Gallon Long Tank Divider - $3

JW Smart Temp Thermometer (new) - $1

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I was thinking more along the lines of some $4 a bag landscaping rock, but I think I'm gonna try just dirt.

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