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i already built 2 custom stands (40gal breeders and 20gal tanks)
now im working on 3rd one
im gonna build it for 8 of 10gal tanks
+ im gonna buy 8 bags this fluval shrimps subs (they awesome!)
raise all shrimps in there

so i think about
blue shrimps
white snow shrimps
orange shrimp
green shrimp
yellow shrimp <- i have about 50 adults)
red cherry shrimp <- i already have 500 juvis growing up in my tanks
crystal red shrimp (is crs doing good in fluval substi?)
tiger shrimp

what do u think?
have u seen anyone raising all color of shrimps? lol

sounds stupid but im gonna try ...
i will be back when im done... i will work for it this week


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Wow that is very cool! And it makes me feel better about only having 4 smaller tanks when i see people with filled fishrooms, it also kinda makes me a tad jealous! haha

Good luck breeding all those shrimp!!
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