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All About Foods :]

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I have my first tank set up for shrimps, and recently received some GREAT PFR from a member on the forum. They came with some ebi-dama, and thats what I have been feeding them. They all swarm it as soon as I put it in the feeding dish.

So, my question is, how much and how often do you feed shrimp? I have about 20 PFR and have been giving them 1 piece of the ebi-dama per day.

Next, when this runs out, what should I get? Theres tons of food out there. They are ravaging this stuff, so maybe stick with it?

Any and all advice is welcome, thanks!!
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Have you tried doing a Google site search for foods? There are probably a hundred, maybe even more, threads about what to feed shrimp. Put " shrimp food" into Google and it will only search threads here so you know you're getting good info.

Are you feeding one full piece a day? That's quite a bit. You should break very small pieces off, about this size __ . I have that many in a tank and they get a tiny piece of the dry food once every other day and veggies once or twice a week. I never feed every day. Some people do, some people only feed twice a week. Once you get a good biofilm in the tank, the need to feed outside foods becomes more personal choice than necessity. Some people feed every day without issues, but it is possible to overfeed from what I've read and even with a feeding dish, the way they fling particles in the air, it lands on everything and you might eventually get critters/bugs in the tank from overfeeding (ask me how I know, LOL).

My suggestion on food is look through the forums, h4n sells sample sizes of the foods he carries. This is a GREAT way to save a ton of money so you don't buy foods your shrimps don't like. I bought two full size containers of Mosura CRS Specialty and Borneowild Grow (before I found sample sizes on here). They love the Mosura but don't like the Grow. So there's $15+ down the drain and it's only good for 4 months after you open it. As a matter of fact, if you want some I'll send you some. Better than it going to waste!

As for other foods, veggies are always great, mine get Zucchini, baby spinach, and kale. They'll eat peas, corn, green beans, lettuce, and much more, that's just all I have room for in my freezer.:) I blanch them, separate them onto a plate and put in the freezer for an hour. Once they're crisp I toss them in ziplock baggies, dated, and they last for months in the freezer. I get organic and use veggie wash on them prior to boiling just to be extra cautious. Some people don't boil/cook them and instead just throw them in the freezer and that's enough to break the cells down to make them chewable. If they are too tough, your shrimp won't be able to eat them right away and then, I'm pretty opposed to leaving a piece of food in for 24 hours or more. Again, I've battled bugs! LOL! Dry food, I give them what they can eat in 2-4 hours. Veggies stay in 8-10 hours, but never overnight. This is just how I do it, others do it differently:)

I also feed Repashy Soilent Green which they ADORE. I made a half a batch and that stuff will go bad before I feed it all unless I get more like a thousand shrimp. LOL! The point is, the smallest bag would make you a couple of batches off the bat. Do some math and drop those down to 1/4 batches at a time and you'll be set for a long time. I believe I paid $7 or so for a small bag from a seller on here.

If you'd like I can give you a list of all the samples I've had (seriously, I have over 20 food samples here) and tell you what my PFRs love the most and what they can do without (says them). Or you can go to h4n and pick up some samples from him.

And don't forget, I can hook you up with the Borneowild Grow and Mosura CRS Specialty if you want to try those. The BW Grow I'll never go through in time (opened it in April, so a month left). I'm not going to toss it immediately after 4 months, but still, if they don't eat it, what's the point? Mine will eat it if they have no other choice. It's not like they don't bother it at all. It's just, there are other foods I feed they go nuts over, this just isn't one of them:)
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Thank you for the in depth info. The pieces I have been giving them are already broken up I assume, because they are smaller than a pinky nail. You're about being messy, they usually end up tossing it out of the feeding dish with 10 diff shrimps picking at it. I'd for sure take some of the two foods off of your hands to try, just let me know how much for shipping. I'll feed them less frequently, since ever say seems like a bad idea. :)

I also feed my community repashy community. Wonder if they would like that.
Yeah, they come that small. You need to break them down smaller. Like the little line I drew in my post:)

Message me your addy and I'll get you some of mine out this week.
I just send that sample with shrimp orders because that's what I raise them on. So you can basically ween them off if you would like to get them onto a different food. Sometimes when shrimp are used to a certain food, they take a while to start eating a new food.

I recommend shirakura, its cheap and great quality, and i use it for my shrimp.
These form my normal fish feeding diet schedule: (Once every 2-3 days)
Shirakura Ebi Dama Soft,
Jake's Complete Veggie,
Jake's Veggie Sticks + Extra Ca,
Jake's Barley
Blanched Vegetables

These form my once in a while treats: (1-3 times a month)
Hikari Bottom Feeder
HBH (whatever its called) Crab and Lobster Bites

Idk what people do but I never break my food down. I just drop em in and watch my shrimp form a ball as they tussle for the food.
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