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Photo 1: This algae (or at least I think it's algae) look like white roots (center of picture) coming out of the plants. Are they roots? Or is this algae?

Photo 2: Kind of stringy algae. Is this hair algae?

Photo 3: Algae growing on the glass.

So my questions are pretty simple: What kind of algae is this? What can I do to get rid of it?

I currently have a Finnex Ray2 on for about 10 hours/day with CO2 injection at 2 bubbles/second. The CO2 injection was just installed last night. Assuming this will eventually take care of all this algae?

What's a good fish/snail/shrimp to get rid of all these types?



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Pic 2: definitely looks like filamentous diatoms and 3 is diatoms as well. I cant really see pic 1 clearly. Is it a new tank? They usually subside on its own after sometime (1-2months). But they turn green then back to brown when placed in H2O2. You can do the One-Two Punch to remove it , but it will come back. They feed off silicates and it is possible to have water that has high silicates as well.

I would also drop your light to 8hrs a day or less. Also crank up your CO2. Supposedly Ottos and amanos will eat it, but Ive had both and neither put a dent in mine. I dropped my lights, manually removed, One-two punched and eventually went away (mostly)..
What would you propose I crank it up to? I also have CRS there - and so I try to keep it low.
I would crank it until you start to see issues from your fish. Do it on a day you can check on them frequently. I know its more difficult to do it for inverts and to see when they are "gasping". But I would slowly bump it 1-2 bubbles a second, let it run and see how it goes. No idea how big your tank is or how hard your water is, so its tough to give any exact amount. FYI these are just some suggestions I have used to help mine, I am by no means an expert on this but these have helped me tremendously.
pic one might just be aerial roots from the plants, if it looks like they are coming directly out from the plant then they are. you can cut them where they emerge or leave them, what's your fert regimen? typically stem plants grow aerial roots if you're lacking substrate nutrients
I was dosing flourish excel and comprehensive - but I stopped comprehensive because I heard it's not good for CRS. It's a 30 gallon tank. My gh/Kh is around 4-5.

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