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Algae Tank?

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Mine in its prime when it was brackish, only plant life I could sustain was algae, lol.
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That is gorgeous! By the way, I really love that branch. Is it real or man made?
That is gorgeous! By the way, I really love that branch. Is it real or man made?
I think it is a piece of coral.
I really want to do this one day
but I have to you do anything special to make sure the algae can do that?
I think you have an algae problem..... lol

But I never though of this... It almost feel as if its sacrilegious haha
Nice lookin tanks though!
That looks a scene out of a Halloween movie. It just needs some ghost shrimp. :wink:

i'd get stringy brown thread likealgae everywhere
instead of lush greenn stringy algae
You better increase the photoperiod, cut back on the co2 and ferts, or you're gonna have a plant problem on your hands!
HMM. I wondeer if u could maintain it like a yard?

its gettig hard for me to grow anything but bba for algae
i'd guess i need to start with no plants in orer to do this properly?
All right... I also have some of that flossy green stuff.
I am getting ready to plant some tanks, and to aquascape some that just had the plants sort of tossed in.

It is really easy to remove from a tank as long as there are no plants tangled up in it.
If there are plants however, it is almost impossible to separate the plant from the algae.
A sturdy plant like Echinodorus is not much of a problem, but something weak and stringy like Guppy Grass is really hard to separate out from the algae.

What kills this stuff, leaving the plants intact?

I also have a brackish water tank, and algae is about all I can grow in that, too. The current growth is a dense green algae that makes the rounded coral look like giant Marimo balls. Green Tribbles. I like it!
What kills this stuff, leaving the plants intact?
Short term, not sure... I use a wood skewer and just roll 'em up. If they are too attached to plants, try taking the plants out and dip them in something that kills algae but not plants. H2O2 or Excel?

Long term, sufficient nutrients, especially CO2, will wipe these beauties out. :biggrin:
easiest way to get loads of that stuff is an outside tub in full sun. A couple weeks is all it takes. I just pulled fistfuls out of a container pond I have sitting in my driveway.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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