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Hey guys,

Brand new to hobby. Just started up my first fish tank. I was told in my other thread I was running my lights WAY too much. I have some wispy brown hair algae that has started, no idea what name, forming on the sand in the foreground of my aquarium and on the rocks.

I am just kind of curious what my game plan should be. I want to do a lot of research on this but I was hoping to get an immediate attack plan from you guys who know.

Since the algae started I have cut my lights WAY down (was running ~12-15 hours day) and I also started adding macro nutrients in liquid form to my tank.

So currently:

30g biocube
Water temp 78-80
Lights ~5hrs day
CO2 @ ~2 bubbles per second during that 5 hours
Flourish root tabs
Seachem phosphorous
Seachem nitrogen
Seachem potassium
Have dosed tank twice with Dr. Tims Fishless cycle, bacterial population is now removing ammonia/nitirite, nitrate levels building up.

If not enough here is a video I posted in my other thread going over everything:

Tank has only plants no critters yet.

So again, what should my attack plan be?
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