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I have a 10 gal freshwater tank. Lighting is 2 T8 18watt fixture. 1 bulb is a grow light and one bulb a soft light. 10 hr photo period. Sand substraight. I do not do any fertiziler or CO2. Plants include crypts, anacharis, ludwigia repen, bacopa caroliniana, anubias nana. 4 Neon Tetra and 1 Corydora. Water parameters are nitrates 10ppm, nitrite 0ppm, Gh 75ppm, Kh 80ppm, Ph 7.2. Water temp 74degrees.

I have a light brown/rust colored algae growing on my plants, tanks walls, and rocks/drift wood. There is also a black algae on some of the plant leaves. I am new to planted tank hobby. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome.

I ordered Flourish Excel and Prime and will get them in the next day or two. Recommended dose of Excel to compete with the Algae? Will provide pics soon. I just cleaned the tank.

Thank you any help you can provide.
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