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The recommended Excel dose is 1 ml per 10 gallons. Many people find 2 ml per 10 gallons more effective. I always did 2-2.5 ml per 10 gal.

The half life is somewhere between 12 and 24 hours, depending on who you ask, so it's best to dose every day.

The instructions also call for a large dose at water changes (5x or something like that) There is no need to this, however, since you are trying to beat some algae down, it may be a good idea for a while until you get things under control.

A word of caution: Excel is most likely going to melt the anacharis. Other plants and fish should be fine. Probably best to start out with the 1 ml/10 gal dose for a week or two. Then increase it by 50% for a couple weeks, and so on if you see better results with more.

The primary concern should be why algae is there to begin with. Anything that inhibits the plants health/growth encourages algae. The best defense against algae is thriving plants and clean conditions - a clean filter, no decaying matter lying around, etc.

My guess is the plants could use a bit of fertilizer. Excel is a liquid carbon supplement, it provides a limited source of CO2, and functions to some degree as an algaecide. But it is not a fertilizer.

Fish food/poop "can" provide enough N and P (nitrogen and phosphate) and some of the required micro nutrients. But it provides next to zero K and Fe (potassium and iron) so you could very well be low on one or both of those if nothing else.

Tetra's Flora pride has K and Fe. Can find it at any pet store, wal-mart, etc. This may be all you need, and shouldnt be too expensive dosing a 10 gallon tank. Just follow the directions. The Flourish line also has individual nutrients sold separately.

In the meantime, try backing the light down to 7-8 hours instead of 10. Once you get the plants thriving and algae under control you can creep it back up some...probably.

Of course Im just guessing what your tank may need based on limited info. Pics would help people offer you the most accurate advice.
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