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Well the title pretty much says it all but, I will go more in-depth about it.

I have a 50 gallon flat back aquarium that has been running over a year and a half id say. Every time I try and grow plants in the aquarium the plants will become covered with string like algae once it reaches close to the surface. Before i have just cut off the pieces covered with this algae but now its happening way to much.

The tank has two bristlenose pleco's in there which help with the sides of the tank then it has a rock set up and some cichlids inside it. The plants are currently growing on the sides of the tank. And once I get some good plants that are growing well i plan to move the cichlids and use this tank as a fully planted tank with no rocks, just plants and driftwood.

Some key features about the aquarium
-Its a 50 gallon flat back aquarium
-Currently using sand substrate with no fertilizers
-No co2 is added to the tank, but I can add that any time if necessary.
-My light is...

Aqueon T5 Duel Lamp Fixture 36"
1-6700k21 watt---Colormax 21 watt

The light is specifically used for planted tanks which i have wanted but has not worked out.

So My questions are.
?What can I do to fix the algae problem in my tank, so i am able to grow the plants that I wish to grow without having to deal with this string like algae coming off the tops of the plants once they are near the surface?
If necessary what fish can i add to possible eat this algae, or is there even a fish that will? I do not want to add any chemicals into my water FYI.

But ya if you can help me I would GREATLY appreciate it


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Hey sorry guys for the late response, I have been working alot.
But I keep my light on from 7 am when I go to school till around 7pm when I wish my fish a goodnights sleep. I am doing weekly waterchanges of 20-25% each week of course. I do currently have some plants in there for the time being, I have some anibus, anarach's, sorry if i Kill the spelling, and also some water wisteria.
I plan on getting a electrical timer for the light but havent done so yet.

(When I say chemicals, i didnt mean like all chemicals i meant chemicals made for killing algae) so sorry if that came across wrong.

I do have a plant food liquid, that i have used before but am currently not using.

In response to the floating plant question, I have done hornwort before but my two filters that I use, normally suck up an end or so of the hornwort and the leaves fall off.

I plan on my next water change to do a good rub down of all the plants and make sure no algae is currently on them, I will start my CO2 back up on the tank, and will invest in a light timer- come pay time, and also invest in some good plant tablets, and finally invest in some good healty plants.

Will doing most of the things invovled up above this, help prevent the algae from taking over my plants?
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