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Algae Lean ?

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I've read many times over that to much ferts (to a certain degree) does not cause or contribute to algae. My question now is, If my ferts are to lean, could this cause or contribute to algae?


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Yes, for sure. If there is enough light and not enough nutrients, plants will starve and algae take over. The exact reasons are not clear, but it happens all the time. :smile:

"Lean" doesn't always mean "insufficient"... some nutrients are needed only in small quantities, as long as they don't run out things keep going well.
I have an update for you.
I changed my dosing from/to:
KN03 1/4 to 1/2
K2S04 1/8 to 1/4
KH2P04 1/16 to 1/32 because my tap water has maybe 1.0 to 1.5 P04. Now my PO4 read around 4.0, N03 about 40 ppm.

I have not seem much Algae at all since I changed dosing. I still have Brush Algae on my driftwood but it has stopped growing I think. I'm working of getting that out now.

With my lower (regular E.I.) dosing, I had a lot of green slimy looking algae that grew at the top of my plants that I had to remove everyday. My tank is real full of plants and a little over stocked on the fish too. I usually have to trim my plants twice a week. I run my C02 a little high. Drop Checker looks greenish/yellow in morning to near yellow by evening. I haven't had any thread algae in months. Everything seems to be running well.
I know my Nitrate is a little high but my algae has stopped growing.

You can also lower your lights....
If you enjoy being in your tank twice a week, that's cool but it's too much for me. Once a week or bi-weekly is enough for me.
This is my hobby, and I love it. I am always setting in front of my tank and tinkering with it. I sometimes look for something to remove or trim. I guess I am my fishes best friend because I am almost there as long as they are. LOL
I'd rather be with my tank than watching T.V.
At night after the lights go out is my time for a good movie since I do not like sitcoms or canned audience shows.
My fish don't get all stressed out either because they are often in the way of my tools trying to see what it is that I am doing this time in their home. I guess I am like the maid. LOL :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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