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Dear All,

Some strain(s) of algea appeared around two weeks ago ( October 1 or 2)

The aquarium is around 30 days old today.

Some important information about my setup:

Filtration: Eheim 2273 + GA Lily Pipe + Seachem Matrix - 5 litres
CO system: Oxyturbo regulator + CO2Art Inline Diffusor (in tank Neo Diffusor before that) - I start CO2 2-3 hours before lights turn on
Ferts: One recommended dosage of Seachem Excel (5ml I think) + 3ml ADA Brighty K + 3 ml Brighty Mineral - Every day, after lights turn on. I started to dose Nitrogen after testing with API tests (nitrates were 0), I am using Brighty Nitrogen - 3 ml, started two days ago
Lights: Twinstar 600 SM - Six hours a day
Skimmer: Eheim 350 from the beginning
Substrate: ADA Amazonia Ver 2 + Power Sand Advanced (+ Bacter 100 + Tourmaline BC + Super Clear) + some lava stone to raise height + ADA La Plata
Other substances: Seachem Stability (from the start, dosed as instructed on the bottle)
Temperature: 22-24 Celsius
Water: RO/DI. Currently I am not buffering it as it reaches 160 TDS on its own due to the Seiryu Stones.

Water Parameters

I measured thrice so far:

  • on 09.21 (I started the tank on the 19th of September) the water hardness values are the following: 167 TDS, 5GH, 3KH
  • on 10.13 I did another one: 160 TDS, 7GH, 7KH
  • on 10.18 - 130 TDS ( one day after WC) 7GH and 8KH
I changed water every day on the first week, every second day on the second week, every third day from the third, and currently doing it every third day still.

As a lot of forums described these algae issues as a problem with the flow or the CO2 levels ( being inconsistent), so I ordered an Inline diffusor instead of the In-Tank a week ago or so.
This way bubbles seem to distribute much wider through the tank.

There is no direct sunlight hitting the tank out of the lighting hours.

The plants seem quite healthy, maybe a few melting just a bit, my Rotala is not that bright green (Spec Green) and some Stau and Rotala Bonsai melted, but apart from that other plants were in fine health I think.

The aquarium is also heavily planted, there is no empty space currently, and the growth seemed fine, until two weeks ago, from that I see more algae growth than plant I think.

I measured Nitrates, Nitrites and Ammonia with API tests and the results were zero for all.

I also measured FE, the levels were small I think, it was a bit hard to read. (Almost translucent color)

Please may I ask for your opinion in this situation?

What algae is this ( I have some ideas, however I do not wish to share just yet, maybe I am wrong)

Please do tell if I've left out something or if you need any more information that I can provide in order to help.

I hope there are not too many text or images, yet my intention was with them is to provide adequate information beacuse I do know that many things can cause algae if something is wrong. Maybe this way it is easier to take some things out of the equation when thinking about the possible closes.

Thank you for your contribution, help and ideas, I hope I can get rid of it.


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