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I have several different types of algae in my 29g that I need help with.

First is the fuzzy looking, lime green algae on the driftwood:

and plants:

fuzz algae? or green bba? I am not exactly sure what it is, so need it IDed. Its the fuzzy type on the wood (hard to see in the picture), since there is also some clado or hair algae on the wood.

Next is the algae in the moss...also appears on the driftwood and on some plants:

hair algae maybe? or clado?

I also have BBA (small black tufts) on my Java Fern and a couple other plants.....I'm wondering if its because of lack of flow. My CO2 level is high, so I know thats not the cause.

The algae in the moss was there before I upped my lighting and added CO2. It hasn't stopped growing. Its also on some plants too. I try to remove what I can (leaves and all), but it comes back. I haven't tried spot treatments with Excel, because there are so many spots, I'm afraid of ODing too much.

My nitrates stay about 10-15ppm....maybe getting up to about 20ppm right before a water change. I change the water once a week, taking out 50% at a time. Ammonia and nitrites are always 0. CO2 is about 50ppm+ via glass diffusor. I was keeping it higher to help with the algae(s), but it doesn't seem to help...gonna bring it back down to 45ppm now. I have not checked my phosphate level lately...usually its around 1ppm, so I don't dose.

The tank has been setup for 1 1/2 years, but I recently (about 1.5 months ago) changed the substrate and upped the lighting and added pressurized CO2). Substrate is Eco Complete. Lighting is 130w (1 6500K and 1 10000K). Pressurized CO2 that is on the same timer as my lights. Lights were on 10 hours a day, but I bumped them down to 8 a few days ago. Should I stagger the lights and maybe just have the second bulb on for 4 or so hours, and have both on for 4 hours?

I dose about 3/8tsp KNO3 (dry), 1/2tsp KSO4 (dry), and Flourish on alternating days. I also dose Excel, a capful every other day.

My fish load is kind of high and is: 12 Harlequin rasboras, 6 Albino cories, 5 Otos, 3 Cherry Barbs, and 3 Panda cories (although had an incident today with the CO2 being too high, so not sure if all the Pandas will make it....i kicked myself for this....). Plant mass is pretty is a full tank picture to show that:

If I left something out...please ask. :) Thanks for the help and suggestions in advance! I'm so desperate to get rid of all the algae!
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