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I have noticed these white strings hanging off my plants for some time... Have been googling every algae help site I could find but nothing really matched what I have. I just fought of Cyanobacteria after a four day black out and API co2 booster. It has been clear of this for two weeks. I thought this would help get rid of these weird strand like "algae?" as well but it didn't. Also have had an uphill battle fighting off algae and having plants melt... I am wondering if I didn't stock my tank with enough plants to out compete algae.. Thank you for the help
Parameters are:
I use Seachem Prime. 20 gallon long tank. Sand substrate with Seachem root tabs. Fluval Co2 and half dose API Co2 booster. Lighting is Current Satellite planted plus pro. Have MTS, Cardinal Tetra, Hobey Gourami and False Julii Corydora in tank. Sorry for so much info just trying to cover everything.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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