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Algae ID

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I already looked through the self help section but still confused on the type of algae I have. It's long and wispy, very easy to remove. It looks grey in the water but when you take it out it's a slight green. Here's a pict

any ideas on what it is? I have a slight feeling it's because i haven't cleaned my filter in a while....
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Im not sure what the official name is..but I call it thread algae.. i get it too..
Not too much a few strands here and there. I have not been able to keep it from coming back so I just remove it as i see it.

I use an old tooth brush.. just twirl it around the strands and pull em out.
I have seen it once or twice, but it goes away very easily. Remove what you can, add Excel for a couple of weeks straight and I don't see it anymore.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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