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Algae ID: Tar

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I would really appreciate an ID on this algae that seems to have appeared randomly over the last week.. It looks and feels like tar, very slimey. Parameters are good, co2 levels are good, lights on from 12-4 and 8-12.
Some insight on how to treat this crap would be appreciated too!

Let me know if I need to post my detailed parameters. Thanks all!! :)

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Looks like BGA. Does it have a distinct odor when removed from the water?
Yes, it has a weird odor.. How can I get rid of it? :(

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if it has a weird odor, its BGA (blue green algae) if you read up on this stuff you will soon find out that it is actually a cyanobacteria and not an algae at all. Nothing in the world eats it so bad news there but its an unharmful bacteria to your fish so good news there. Ethromycin is the only proven medicine to rid of this bacteria and is fairly gentle on your fish, not sure about inverts though. this stuff forms as a result of poor water flow or poor oxygenation and stale stagnant water. Once you rid of it with the medication or by manual means (it sucks up fairly easy with an airline hose siphon) add a bubbler or two to keep it from coming back. Good luck, everyone has dealt with this stinky stuff once or twice it seems.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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