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Algae id or dirt

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I'm suspecting this isn't an algae but it's dirt or debree from my filter? Anyone had something like this?

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It's algae. I'd like to suggest that it's diatoms, but diatoms don't normally pick one plant while leaving others around it diatom free. There also appears to be a tiny bit of fuzz going on.

I'm not sure what kind of algae it is. My best guess is it may be some kind of short fuzz algae. Take a look at the Hair, Thread, Fuzz algae section on this page:

Whichever algae it is, it appears to be attacking that one specific plant. So the first thing to do is figure out why that plant isn't happy. Algae is an opportunistic organism. It comes in when things are going wrong. So there's something that's not going well for that plant, causing it to suffer, allowing the algae to take advantage. So for long term removal, it will be important to figure out what the plant needs to grow at its healthiest so it won't be susceptible to algae.

Meanwhile, you can try to kill the algae by spot treating it with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). Start by turning off your filters. Measure 1ml per gallon for your tank (so a 20g tank would use 20ml of H2O2). Use a syringe to squirt the H2O2 directly onto the algae. When you've used all the H2O2, turn off the lights. Wait 15 minutes. Then turn on the filters. Wait another 15 minutes. Then turn on the lights.

The algae should fizz when the H2O2 hits it. This is good. If you couldn't get all the areas in one treatment, you can repeat the treatment up to two times a day, waiting 12 hours between treatments.

Once the H2O2 kills the algae, it will usually melt away within a week. Often amano shrimp love to eat dead algae and will clean it up even faster.
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I thought so aswell... it also grows on other plants, but the plants that grow really fast seem to outgrow the algae and ludwigia is a med fast grower
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