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Algae ID Help!

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Hello everyone. I've got a bit of a conundrum.

I've been getting some type of algae and I can't quite pin it. I know I have some GDA on my glass but its not a huge outbreak so I'm not really to worried about it, however I am getting dark green algae of some type growing on my hardscape. I've tried to match it to some type of algae from my research but haven't been positive.

It's not diatoms because its not easy to wipe off and it green, not brown.

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciate.

Current Photoperiod:
12:30pm to 8:30pm at 45PAR at the substrate.
Dosing PPS Pro

Thanks a bunch!
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when ever i get alge problems, i use hydrogen peroxide (the liquid that you use to clean cuts etc) wheres a youtube link that tells you how to use it
nice video... one question after dosing H2o2 into the tank.... do you need to do a water change after a certain time? or is the tank fine for the next few days/ a week or 2 weeks?
You have to clean it with a tooth brush. It's naturally occurring doesn't mean any things wrong with your aquarium it happens to hardscape . Even aquariums need to brush their "teeth"

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so this isn't a type of nuisance algae I need to be concerned about? I'm going to clean the tank and bust out the tooth brush like I normally do for my African Cichlid Tank.

Reason this particular tank had me concerned was I never had this type of "algae" on my previous tank.
You pictures don't put that rock in context to how big it is or how it's arranged in the tank so take this advice with that in mind. If the rock were mine and it wasn't attached to any plant that I'd have to disturb to clean, I'd take it right out of the tank and dunk it into a pail of bleach water. Good strong bleach water. Depending on how big this rock is would depend on how much water/bleach to use to completely submerse it. To give you an idea of how I clean my spray bar pipes of algae, I put them in the bottom of a plastic dishwash tub and cover them with about 2" of water. So total volume of water is ~2-3 quarts. To that I add 4-6 oz of 8% Clorox (get it at Lowes). They soak in that for at least 2 hours in order to get that nasty BBA to release it's grip so that I don't have to scrub the paint off the bars.

Adjust the math for your water volume.
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