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Algae ID and possible causes?

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Hey all, this is my first time dealing with this type of algae. Unsure what it is. I suspect blue-green algae/cyanobacteria but doesnt quite look the same green. Its thick and coats most surfaces even a non-plant ornament. Any thoughts and tips will be appreciated!
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Does it smell really bad? It's a stupid question but cyano typically has a very nasty fishy smell. There are some sheet algae that aren't cyano that act like this that you can remove and it smells more earthy than fishy, those can typically be handled with manual removal and ample water changes- also adding circulation to your tank can alleviate some of these algae issues. I hope this helps.
Thanks for the reply, no it doesnt seem to. It smelt kinda planty/earthy when I held it close. Yes I manually removed as much as I can. I dosed Nitrate because I was getting a 0 reading, and I repositioned my output valve more circulation. Lets see what that does :)
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