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Are you using ferts or c02? I am assuming not since you didn't mention it. The light intensity and photo period is a bit long/strong. Are you combing two lights I'm confused by the ultra bright 6500k led comment? Is that a separate light than the sat? If so I'd not use it for now.

The sat+ alone is suitable for moss. The DGH does best with high light, c02 and ferts. You can probably keep it alive with lower light but expect very slow growth. For my 10 gallon CRS tank I keep a sat + for mosses and floaters. They do well with a small amount of fertz added no c02. The benefit of that light is you can dial in RGB. I run it full spectrum minus green since it's ugly and unnecessary for plant growth.

I would probably pull out all the moss and treat it in a bucket with peroxide. Stir it up really good to remove all the dead algae. Give the tank a good clean too. Good luck
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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