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algae help

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i just finished a 3 day black out which knocked out my mystery algae. now i hve some sort of hair algae that doesnt respond to excel dosing.

picture a bald guy that had really bad hair replacement surgery (plugs). thats the best way that i can describe it. long strands of algae but not in large clumps.

sorry i dont have a camera still so i cant take any pics

sorry if i offended any bald people by comparing your head to my tank.

any advice?
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Hey! I am bald! :hihi: Spirogyra algae or something like that. I am battling that in my smaller tank. Less light and nutrients has been suggested to me.
spirogyra was my first guess but there seems to be so many types of filament algae that i wasn't sure. the three day blackout didnt phase it. i've cut my lights back to a much more manageable level (2 wpg t5ho over my 55) hoping that helps. i have it in my three main planted tanks, i think it started in one and i transferred it over from one tank to another with either equipment or my arms
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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