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Hello all I have a newly started tank. Tank is maybe 6 weeks old at this point. I started by noticing what I though was diatoms so I got some otos which eat it up pretty well. My question is what I'm seeing on these plants. I am noticing black or maybe dark green spots on leaves of my swords and Java fern. Maybe a tiny bit on some anubias. . The hairy stuff I see pretty much only on the Java ferns. Can someone please help?

I have increased co2 as well as ordered some root fertilizer. I was thinking issue is from not enough co2 and/or lack of nutrients. I have only been using flourish twice per week. Once after weekly water change and once half way through the week.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Oh and tank stats

Variety of swords anubias and Java fern
Fluval G6
Planted+ 24/7
Semi auto co2 9am-4pm
Eco complete substrate


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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