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I had these little white things that had a stem and little tentacles that formed a cup shape. They would shrink when I touched them. I had 1000's. I remember no one could identify them. Finally I took them to my buddy who works in a lab breeding salt water fish, he said it was not hydra, its a fungus. I tried everything to get rid of them, they are immune to everything but a bleach dip! haha I literally gave up trying to kill them, one day I woke up and they started to disappear, they pretty much went away on their own.
That description matches hydra exactly, not fungus. When something touches the tentacles, they shrink (retracts) because they pull the tentacles to their mouths to feed. It's a reflexive reaction.

I agree with you. Doing a bleach dip would require me pulling out a few bunches of my hair grass as well (which aren't doing well to begin with) and I feel it wouldn't be worth it. How about some hydrogen peroxide spot treatment? I have some nasty algae anyways. Will the HP affect my Red Cherry Shrimp and the shrimplets? Thanks again.
See this reply about using Algaefix:
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