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TSAE are extremely social fish and should always be kept in a school of at least 4 fish or it can lead to stress and sometimes even death in the TSAE. I have had BBA in my aquarium for quite sometime now and my pack of 6 TSAE in my 75 keep it in check, you hardly see any BBA except on the filter outtake.

There is a new method called the "One-Two Punch" I have not tried this yet but I am going to. This method has very good reviews and a lot of people have tried it, it seems. According to the method it is fish and plant safe, but when I try this method I am going to remove my fish because I don't want to risk losing any, a lot of my fish had to be mailed ordered because my LFS leave a lot of be desired and fish shipping is often 2x the cost of the fish. I would also suggest that you at LEAST remove your Discus, since they can be very sensitive.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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