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algae eaters (plecos, sae...) and marimo moss balls

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Can these two coexist?
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I have a common and a bunch of bristlenose ancistrus. They don't touch my marimo balls. Not sure about other types, though.
ok so i guess we can rule those ones out, wat about sae's?
I guess anything that eats cladophora would probably eat marimo balls, since they are the same thing
black molly's will pick at your balls
and spread the cladophora around.
turtles will scrape it and eat them.
I got 3 SAE on my tank & they never touch the Marimo Balls. I don't know about the smaller kinds. My Marimo ball is baseball size. Thanks.
My SAEs don't show any interest in the moss balls whatsoever. Neither do my plecos or ottos.
awesome, I guess I'll grab some of these guys :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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