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algae control in a 2.5

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I have a 2.5 g tank with the red sea nano filter, a small heater, diy co2, excel dosings, 27w light from home depot (is about 4 inches from top of tank ok?? also, is 10 hours a day too much??), and use flourite. I have three puffers and a few small snails. Only plants in there now are dwarf hairgrass, and a small nano anubias. It has been set up for several weeks now, and I am continuously getting algae on the glass and some on the substrate. I try to do a 50% water change every 3-4 days, and dont know what else to do. What can I do to control this monster? Thanks for any help.

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Wow I have exact same specs!

Flourite, redsea nano filter, diy co2, 27w light from HD (about 4" from tank). No heater or excel though.

I get regular green algae on the glass. I use just a credit card to scrape it off. It's about 2-3 months old. I've had algae growing on the glosso, but it's not too severe.

Today, I introduced 3 amano shrimp--they've been eating algae ever since. I say they're one of the best in controlling green algae.

I also have 2 really big pond bladder snails that do a good job on some algae and dead plant matter, although they have their limits in algae control.

Edit: I'm not sure about your puffer though--will probably kill the amano shrimp. Also have dwarf hairgrass--no problem in algae growing on it.

Also, water changes only do so much. It removes excess nutrients by diluting it. I think your photo-period is the main problem. Maybe try reducing it to 6-8 hours a day. Plants don't need a lot of light time, light intensity is more important. Any longer and it will not do any additional benefit for the plants, but the algae will benefit from the longer light hours. The trick is to create conditions where plants can outcompete algae.

I run mine 6-8 hours. Whenever I see algae, I just cut down on the lights, but keep the dosing regiment the same.
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do you have any pictures of your tank??
do you have any pictures of your tank??
See signature for "2.5g"
Three dwarf puffers are no good unless its Male-Fem Fem. Males are territorial and will fight. Let me know if you need help with the ID.

As for the algae, test your parameters. Plants need all 3 macros to grow, if there is a shortage of one then the plants are stumped but the algae is free to use the extras.
sounds like too much lighting . 27 watts over 2.5 gal , you could grow corals ! Thats over 10 watts per gallon.
I have that same tank with the same light and same CO2, cover up the center 2 tubes with tin foil. also that tank is way too high light for anubias, they are always slow growing and cant keep up with algal growth. put in some baby tears for a carpet (grow fast) and put fas growing stem plants in the back, blyxa japonica is a great mid-ground plant there since it grows fast and spreads nice. the puffers also arent good. they are messy and make a lot of waste; i reccomend putting them elsewhere and make it a shrimp tank
3 DPs ina 2.5 is no good! there is just not enough space for them to be happy. you need to return two of them.
<Sorry Off Topic> but marko, I believe you mean "war against algae"?
Or maybe you do you do mean The Algea, which if I remember correctly were the spirits of pain, suffering, grief, distress and sorrow. ;)
I would agree with the recommendation of a shorter photoperiod. I have 26 watts over my 2.5, and have had very few algae problems. The lights are on for only 8 hours. I also do both diy co2 and Excel --doing both together seemed key to eliminating algae and getting plants really growing well.

I'm growing Mayaca fluviatilis, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala 'colorata', HC, Downoi, and Anubias nana 'petite'. It does not appear to be too much light for the anubias. Some of the leaves have a little algae, but not much. Perhaps the anubias is getting a little shaded by the fast growers.
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