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algae bloom

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About a year ago I set up a Fluval spec tank. I mixed gravel with laterite substrate and planted it. There is a piece of driftwood in it. Plants were very happy and multiplying. The anubia I set up on the wood was popping a leaf once in a while.

I would change the water once in a while but mainly refill whatever would evaporate.

Now suddenly algae are taking over everything! The green fluffy kind.what is happening? I have tried reducing the "daytime" period but that did not help.

I have strips of test paper (5 tests in one). The nitrates are not 0 but still very low and no noticeable nitrite. Both levels are lower than from the tap. PH is quite acidic (tap water seems acidic too)

Total Population: 1 betta.( did one attempt with cherry shrimp but they only lasted a few months)
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Take a look here, and try and identify which algae you're getting. Probably would be a good idea to do a large water change and manually remove as much as you can. I'm sure some experts will chime in.
About 23C. From the link (thank you Nomad) it looks like I have blue green algae
Algae and nano tanks

All algae, and especially blue green algae is fond of too many nutrients in the water. I have a 2.5g nano with 5 ghost shrimp and many snails. If I feed the shrimp 1 flake each, per week, the water is crystal clear. One flake twice per week, still clear. One flake three times per week, algae bloom. Water changes are a good solution to my problem. I try to keep all my nanos with as little nutrients in the water as possible. I put 1 inch of Miracle Grow organic soil on the bottom, and cap with 1 inch of gravel or sand. As long as the nutrients are mainly in the substrate, no algae problem. Fiddling with the photoperiod also helps. I have one nano with only 1 small plant in it. The nutrients leach from the soil faster than this small plant can use it, so I get algae, and bacteria. I am going to put more plants in it on the weekend. Any tank with lots and lots of plants to use up the nutrients; crystal clear.
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