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Hey guys,

I have got issues with my planted tank since a month or so. I will start by describing it :

Livestock : Discus (18), Cardinal Tetra(80), otocinclus(24), Amano Shrimp(~80), Ramirezi(6)
Size : 26 inch x 26inch x 84 inch = ~ 240 Gallons
Filtration : Wet/Dry sump
Pump : 2200Gal/hr
Circulation Pump : AI Nero 5
Light : 8 x AI Prime Freshwater
Substrate : Flourish Red
C02 : Pressurized, Reactor Cerges DIY with Housing Filter 1 inch inlet, 4Inch x 20inch
Plants : Rotala H'ra, Pogostemon Stellatus, Glosso Elatinoides, Stau. Repens, Cryptocorine Wediti Brown, HC cuba (Sry if some name are wrong spelled)
Temp : 28.5c or 82f

Water Parameter :

Tap : GH 110 ppm, KH 90 ppm, PH 7.9-8.0 (Well water with no softner or anything)

Tank : GH 110 ppm, KH 90 ppm, PH 6.6 (8.0 degassed)

Current Regimen

Automated 15% Daily WC

Light : 10 hours with 2 hours dimming time at light on and light off (total of 6 hours full intensity(light at 35% intensity)), Moonlight(AI Prime Freshwater) the rest of the time at 1% intensity (barely see something in the tank)

Fertilisation :

Daily dosing

KN03 : 1 tsp (AAA Nitrate de Potassium KNO3 - AAA Aquatic)
KH2PO4 : 1/8 tsp (AAA Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4 - AAA Aquatic)
Trace CSM+B : 1/4 tsp (AAA MicroMix Trace Element CSM+B - AAA Aquatic)

Long story short, I started this tank in the first week of September this year. I was using 4 AI Vega Color light until i lost one 6 weeks ago. Plant growth was not amazing on them since i was dimming a lot of the blue lights (glosso was growing upward). Therefore no algae growth. I decided to invest in new light then went for AI Prime freshwater. So i bought 8 of them to get a great light spread over the 7 feet.

Diatoms appeared on plants, GDA (rocks and wood) and BBA(on some wood) after a week the light been installed(light at 60% intensity 4 hours + 2 hours burst at 80%). So i maintained the tank : brushed BBA on woods, GDA on rocks and tried to remove as much diatoms possible + 80% WC, Cleaning filter.

Until that time i was using Seachem Product (Aquavitro Activate, Aquavitro Synthesis, Aquavitro Iron, Potassium, Trace Comprehensive). I feel these product aren't suited for big tanks. I was barely able to hit markers with them so i switched to dry fert after that week before i go bankrupt. Probably what triggers the algae bloom(higher light,not enough fert, plant stunted and probably co2 problem)

Since i had BBA, i upgraded my CO2 Reactor from a DIY 4"x10" Reactor with a 320gph pump (inside the sump) to a housing Filter 4"x20" on my Main Pump (2200GPH). Passed from a 2 hours prior light on 1 ph drop to around 45-1hour with a steady 1.4 drop for the entire time lights are on. NO BBA since then.

For the following week i did reduce light intensity to 50%, diatoms and GDA growing like crazy. Since then, i reduced light intensity to 35%. GDA growth has been reduced greatly but diatoms are still here all over the plants.

Only the cyptocorine seems to do well atm. Glossostigma still grow but new baby gets diatom on them after couple days. Pogostemon and Rotala makes new stems but they seems not to grow much and old leaves are cracking curling, these are pretty much melting. Staug. repens have diatom and GDA or GSA on old leaves with some holes.

I am currently at 20 ppm nitrates, 2-3 ppm Po4, i have no test for potassium but since i am dosing KNo3 and KH2PO4 it should be fine ?

My concern here is are these plants worth trying to "revive" or should i just buy new healthy one ? Because at the moment growth is really limited and they seems strongly infected by algae.

Thanks in advance to anyone that that can help on this.

Regards, Bruno

I am going to add pic of the plants soon.

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State prior Installing all new lights

State 3 days after Installing all new lights + trimming

Rest is Pics from Yesterday



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