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Hey, I'm new to planted tanks. My first tank has been set up for about 2 months and was going well for the first month but now I have several types of algae taking over, my tubing looks brown after about 2 weeks and what plants I do have left are dying.. I have a 33g tank, dose EI, have co2 (though I think it fluctuates), Eheim 2217 filter and a Ray II (8hrs. per day).

Have green water, some green spot algae on anubias, white fuzzy algae on my wood (which goes away when I remove my wood) and slimy algae on my hc and other plants (like the stuff you would find in ponds). I've tried dosing with H2O2 but have had only minor results, though the growth of some of the algae seems stunted. Did a 4 day black out without any results. Am at a loss and frustrated.. feeling close to giving up and starting over.
Here are my water parameters:
Ph: 6.6
Ammonia: 0ppm
Nitrites: 0ppm
Nirates: 0pm (is this a problem?)

Dosing KNO3, CSM+B and KH2PO4. Any help would be appreciated, anything you would change or check? My plants in the back are dying (see picture 2), only thing seemingly doing decent is the anubias (minus spot algae) and s. repens (not pictured).


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