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Alex's ADA Mini M Nano

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I live near the store in San Francisco and got this tank for about $80 with tax. I put plants in yesterday and added more today. I have a Aquaclear 20 as the filter. I was going to get the ZooMed Canister but I already have and Aquaclear and I love how ease and yet customizable they are The light I am using is from Ikea. It is a Global light. 13watts. Using the AquaSoil from ADA and CO2 is going to be installed in the next couple days. What do you think? Any suggestions?:icon_smil


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haha, i cant believe this. i live close by

anyways maybe you should get a few more pieces of rock and really try to do a scape.
there are alot of ada mini S/M/L to give you some ideas
this is nice, i like it! the filter comes with this package? how many gallons is this tank?
You need something with height to give some vertical interest in the tank. Personally, I'd go with a branchy manzanita driftwood.

Also, if you're looking to create a carpet, you should break up the HC into much smaller clumps.
The tank and filter came separately. The tank cost approx $80
The filter was $30
It might be difficult to get the HC and glosso to carpet with only 13watts of light over a mini-m. The plants might grow vertical instead of spread along the substrate without more light.

Consider moving the filter to the left side of the tank on the short side of the tank. That way the filter won't be seen when looking directly at the tank. Or a background would do the trick and you could leave the filter where it is.

I would also definitly break those big clumps into smaller sections to plant. It will take longer to plant it, but it will be much faster to carpet and you will be able to get the small clumps into the substrate better. When I first planted my HC I had big clumps like yours, and it grew out of the substrate and was impossible to get back into the ground.

If you have the time and patience, letting the tank grow emmersed for a couple months could greatly speed up the carpeting process. You won't have to worry about co2 or ferts for a while and won't have to combat the new tank algae right away.

Its a very nice start and I agree that a couple more rocks or driftwood would do wonders for your tank.
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