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Albino Guppies Can't See Red?

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I've noticed something strange with my albino red lace snakeskin guppies (red eyes)... They will eat brown and green foods just fine, which are the pellets and flakes I feed to them, as well as their babies which are light yellow.

However, I've been trying to get them to eat blood worms. At first they wouldn't accept them at all and completely ignored them. Then I started spot-feeding them and they ate a couple, and they got more used to eating them.

Now when I put some in the water, the can probably sense the flavor of it because they start swimming around rapidly looking for food. However, even if the bloodworms are all around them, they won't go for one until it bumps their body. If they swim into one, they'll back up and try to eat it. Sometimes they nomnomnom their mouths but can't get the blood worm.

Is it possible that they can't see red, or it is something similar to red-green colorblind to where the red blends neutrally with the surroundings?
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Even if they can't see the color red it wouldn't make them blind to the existence, they would just see it as a different color.
Sounds about right to me.
Hmm... Maybe they're just really really bad at catching bloodworms?
Is there a possibility they don't like them or something? Or just never learned to eat them? I was thinking there could be a correlation since they're albino with red eyes, lots of recessive traits and weirdness.
They would likely see the worms in gray scale. The guppy have a host of other sences like smell that help them find food.
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